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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ruby Reese

Ruby Reese
May Seventh

As some may know I have my babies via here we are in Amarillo, Texas about to meet our little lady. and yes, those are my lovely stretch marks :) I earned them!

 Daddy getting some last minute work done and all ready in his scrubs.


Beautiful site right...arms out, curtain up and just waiting for our girl. The only thing that goes thru my mind other than all the drugs make me feel so out of it, is to hear the cry. With all three babies the first cry is the best feeling and the only noise that i want to hear. I can't be the first to hold them so the cry has become my very own first memory. 

Gooey and just perfect. Love how she has her arm in the air. Little feisty princess already. All the nurses kept commenting on all the hair she had I remember but I couldn't see her from the operating table. 

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord. 

The beautiful cry. 


Perfect little girl waiting to meet her mommy. While I was in recovery Nathan went back to the Nursery with Ruby and she had her first bath.

Already wrapped around her daddy's finger.

Happy 1st Birthday Ruby!
You made all of our hearts grow bigger this day and every day since.

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