together in texas

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ruby Reese

Ruby Reese
May Seventh

As some may know I have my babies via here we are in Amarillo, Texas about to meet our little lady. and yes, those are my lovely stretch marks :) I earned them!

 Daddy getting some last minute work done and all ready in his scrubs.


Beautiful site right...arms out, curtain up and just waiting for our girl. The only thing that goes thru my mind other than all the drugs make me feel so out of it, is to hear the cry. With all three babies the first cry is the best feeling and the only noise that i want to hear. I can't be the first to hold them so the cry has become my very own first memory. 

Gooey and just perfect. Love how she has her arm in the air. Little feisty princess already. All the nurses kept commenting on all the hair she had I remember but I couldn't see her from the operating table. 

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord. 

The beautiful cry. 


Perfect little girl waiting to meet her mommy. While I was in recovery Nathan went back to the Nursery with Ruby and she had her first bath.

Already wrapped around her daddy's finger.

Happy 1st Birthday Ruby!
You made all of our hearts grow bigger this day and every day since.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the isaac family in TeXas

We waited months, almost a year for the Isaac family to take the plunge and drive out to west Texas to see us. This was also their first LONG road trip with the kiddos...bless their hearts cause it is not easy!!
Before we moved, there was hardly a weekend that would pass by that we did not spend with the
Isaac Family.
 so being over yonder (in Texas) it has not been the same. 

let's just say their visit was 


so here it goes...
as you know we like to "live it up" at the dairy so we shared some of the boy's favorite things to do...
in which i could sum up in 2 words..
tractors & cotton seed
or is that 3 words??

we had to strike a pose at the top of the cotton seed pile.
the queens of the cotton seed pile.
we are 2 happy girls..
back together..
just as it should be.

our feet..

lots of photos here..
numerous photo editing effects..
that is what happens when you work on editing at different times..
 i think my mood at that given time takes over.
but more importantly...
you will notice that a very good time occurred..
a very good time!

the cotton seed pile is fun for all!
it is really the highlight of most days and extra special when we have visitors.
i like the silhouette of Katie with just Elijah's head down below.
"mom watching over son" would be the name of this photo.

mommy & son
Katie has loads of energy...
the backyard couldn't be a more happier place with the sounds of kids laughing.
meanwhile i was sipping (gulping) my wine and taking out of focus pictures...
the wine has nothing to do with it.

Miss. Charlotte Belle
{the sassy one}

{the feisty one}

it was funny to watch these 2 interact with each other..
must be a second child thing.

Luckily, Katie is the new age Mary Poppins in my eyes.
She has the ability to communicate with children with such patience, clarity and effectiveness.
What an incredible mom Katie is!
i learned a lot from you!
this is where the kids started their day with breakfast
ended their day with dinner
and played all day
in the most glorious room in our house

4 kids under the age of 3...

funny how the only two left are the "good eaters" of the bunch.

we even watched the parade in our little town of Friona.

it was especially thrilling for the boys.

natey, a tractor expert told us all this was a "johnny popper"
that kid knows his stuff!!
in a matter of minutes Charlotte & Elijah caught onto the tractor phenomenon.

clean kids was also not an option...
we were too busy playing...
ALL of us!!

Katie and i took the kids to the nearest pumpkin patch over in Clovis, NM.
it was not to big so we could easily manage the kids who kept running away ..
o wait that was my child.

we took the kids on every ride to wear them out..
in the end we were the ones worn out!
all together feeding the goats.
playing in the corn kernals somewhat nicely.

we took a hay wagon to the pumpkin patch.
I LOVE how cousins help each other .
Charlotte found her perfect pumpkin.
i think mommy found her's too!!

Max found his pumpkin too!

impressive that everyone is looking at the camera.
must be all that popcorn and cotton candy.
we really had a memorable time.

Elijah getting ready for the cow ride.
C. Belle just looking at her mommy.
Max is ready for the ride and very angelic looking.
trust me this kid is a wild one.
so let me just enjoy this moment.
{all of the following pictures are from our day trip to Amarillo}
we jumped N' Jived...
the best indoor place to take kids...
we all did some jumping.

we had lunch here
featured on man vs. food
ate a burger and fries...
had some of these...

it was good.

that face..
too cute..
must be having a good chat with mommy and daddy.

did i mention this is a classy establishment.
we fit right in..
just love this girl!!
who also like to drink a cold one after going to jump'n jive.
or any other excuse.

decided that the day would be even more complete if we made one more stop at the park..
plus Elijah needed a potty break.

look at that smile..
just what C. Belle needed after a long day.

just what i needed..

just what WE all needed.
the park was a mix of new and vintage (probably original) play sets.
you don't see these much anymore..
but the color's, shapes and the sturdiness of the metal make them so appealing.
sister & brother
hello mama Katie

just as happy as can be this girl!!
brother loves his sista.

and then my life changed in a Bahama Buck Pina Colda with creme shaved ice moment.
after that Katie and i were 2 punches away from a free one in a matter of 3 days.

it was sad to see the Isaac Family go back home but we enjoyed sharing
our little part of Texas with them.
I know that they will be back for more!!